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Symphony Splendor Holiday House in the News: Updated

PSA Symphony Splendor Holiday House 2021 by Candlelight. Photo from a Previous Year.

Symphony Splendor Holiday House 2021 will be featured in local media productions. Put these dates on your calendar:

1) PITTSBURGH TODAY LIVE on KDKA-TV, MONDAY, NOV. 15, 2021, 9:00 – 10:00am will interview Event Chair Cathy Trombetta and the home’s owners amid the beautiful rooms and holiday decorations! “Live with Mikey Hood and Jeff Roupe”

2) THE PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE‘s Kevin Kirkland’s story on our Holiday House with photographs by Pam Panchak is available at the link below:


Jean Horne and Christine Thompson were interviewed on Wednesday, 11-10 by Jim Cunningham, WQED-FM, to promote the Symphony Splendor Holiday House tour.

Edited versions of their promotion will begin airing no later than MONDAY, NOVEMBER 15 thru
FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 19 as follows:

Jim Cunningham Show, 6:00am – 11:00am daily

Anna Singer Show, 11:00am – 4:00pm daily


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My Most Memorable PSO Concert

Escape to Paris

Brochure Cover for the 2012 Celebration Author’s Collection

By Kathy Jozefov

The music of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra affects each of us differently. It may evoke memories, inspiration or relaxation. It can also transport us to mystical destinations in our imaginations. However, in the spring of 2012, from April 27 to May 13, our Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra did a little more. It took us to France to experience the Paris Festival, the City of Light; the Universal Exposition in 1889.

Feasts for the Eyes and Ears Courtesy PSO Archives

The festival included a series of classical concerts and special events held in Heinz Hall and throughout the city. On the eve of the final concert our PSO joined forces with the Carnegie Museum of Art, at the Carnegie, to celebrate the opening of their new exhibit, “Impressionism in a New Light: Monet to Stieglitz.”

Passage to Paris was Awarded PSO Arhives

For me, the event was magical. Maestro Honeck and Concertmaster Noah Bendix-Balgley from our PSO, along with two curators from the Carnegie, spoke of the parallels of Impressionist art and music, as well as the surrounding culture in Paris. A performance by a quintet of our PSO musicians followed the talk. The evening culminated with an exhibition preview and a cocktail party reception. Spirits were high. The attendees, presenters and musicians mingled freely. I met Maestro Honeck that night as he moved throughout the crowd, having small conversations with each guest. He was as charming as I had imagined.

Fascinating speakers, incredible works of art, unparalleled musicians, champagne and appetizers in a lovely setting. I will never forget that evening, when the unseen organizers of the PSO and CMOA somehow brought the arts together in Pittsburgh and transported us back in time to Paris in 1889.

That event only cost $10.00 for season ticket holders or members of the Carnegie.  Unbelievable!

The Entire Program Author’s Colletion

PSO Archivist Carolyn Friedrich asks that PSA members share with her items they may have such as these. The items can be scanned into the archives and the collector will retain the original. Send her an email about anything you may have: