Symphony East

December 6 Fundraiser & Luncheon


Crispy mornings and sunny days – Autumn in Pa.

With less than two weeks before the reservation deadline, this is a reminder that you and your friends and acquaintances may want to share the information about Symphony East’s combined Holiday Party & Fundraiser for the PSO at your various events (or by e-mail) before that deadline.  The attached flyer has all the details and the reservation form.

Reservations are already being received from members and others who used the form in the October newsletter.  The Lamplighter’s Grand Ballroom is a large space to accommodate all of us (and the basket raffle and the musicians and Margaret’s elegant note cards).

A clarification:  The event begins at 10:30 – that is mostly so that persons delivering baskets can do so and the baskets can be arranged before the main crowd arrives.  If you are planning to donate a basket (or items for a basket), note that Sue Kemper agreed only to prepare baskets from loose items supplied by SE members and delivered to her no later than Monday, November 22.  Other members will arrange the basket display on the morning of the gala.  If you are donating a completed basket and will not be able to attend the party, you may contact Diane Kaufmann (724-327-9095) or Nancy Dalverny (412-373-0711).Note that each basket contributed must include a title and list of items contained within that basket.

Anyone contributing a basket can help Diane who is compiling a list of contributed baskets by letting her or Nancy know ahead of the event (phone or e-mail).  The restaurant will provide the tables for the baskets display; they will appreciate knowing how many to set aside.

Persons arriving “early” will have more time to socialize with the others.