Holiday Luncheon

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reservations & payments

When you make your reservation and payment we need your information to be sure that you get the entree you prefer, and that you are seated with your luncheon companions of choice.

You have several options for paying.

paying by check

Most of you received the mailed invitation with enclosed RSVP form. Simply complete the form you received (shown above) with your menu selections for yourself and your guests, choose your table companions and mail your RSVP to Sue Breedlove at the address on the response form. If you wish to print a copy of the invitation to send with your check click here.


If you wish to complete the online form and send your check you may use the LINK BELOW, click “Submit” and MAIL YOUR CHECK to Sue Breedlove. Your reservation is not complete until PSA receives your check.

Choose entree
Please choose an entree
Please choose an entree

paying by credit card

If you are paying by credit card you will have to select your entree from the drop down list on the payment site before you can proceed to payment. Click the box on the upper right and you will see a list of entrees to choose from. Choose one for yourself and one for each guest for whom you are paying. For example, if one of your party wants the Risotto and two want the Virginia Spots you would enter “1” beside Risotto and “2” beside Virginia Spots

This tells us how many of each to order from the Duquesne Club, but it does not tell us the names of those in your party for us to assign to a table, nor how to color code their name tags for the convenience of the Duquesne Club waitstaff when they deliver the meals to the table. If you are paying by credit card, please complete the above form and submit, then use this link to pay for your luncheon reservation.

If you wish to make a credit card donation click here

To make a parking reservation click the link below.

Holiday Boutiques

2 thoughts on “Holiday Luncheon”

  1. Hi

    I made my reservations for the luncheon before the invitation arrived. This morning I went online to pay but it is not clear to me how to pay for reservations already made. I know the entrée selections for my guests and wanted to ask you where I should submit this information. Please advise.

    Thank you,

    Claudia McGee

    1. Claudia, thank you so much for your email; we do need to know when we are not connecting. I’m not sure how you could have made the reservation before the invitation arrived; looking back through the website responses I don’t find your reservation. So I think it best start from the beginning.

      You can either 1) print a copy of the invitation to complete and return with your check (there’s a link for that on the Holiday Luncheon webpage) or 2) you can complete the online form and either mail a check or use the link to pay by credit card, but you do need to have a completed form to send with your payment, and the reservation is not complete until payment is received.

      The fastest way to make the completed reservation would be to complete the form online, submit it, and then pay by credit card.

      Thank you so much for your interest.

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