A Turkey Day Tale

With scarcely time to catch her breath, Cathy Trombetta has just produced the PSA Symphony Splendor Tour of Homes and she now turns her attention to Thanksgiving dinner which she and Bob are hosting at home today for friends and family. And Mr. Noodles.

In her President’s Letter for the November PSA Newsletter Jackie Demetris mentioned Cathy and Bob Trombetta and their pet wild turkey. Here’s the rest of the story.

The bird first appeared three years ago as an undersized chick trailing the flock of wild turkeys that were feeding regularly in the Trombettas’ back yard. It would linger longer than the rest of the flock and seemed to be having trouble getting sufficient food. It kept returning with the flock and Bob began feeding the little fledgling.

Soon it began coming by itself. Bob continued feeding it until he ran out of food one day, but the chick was obviously still hungry, so Bob came into the kitchen where Cathy was cooking and asked if she had anything the turkey might eat. She said, “Here, I have some leftover noodles from my turkey noodle soup. Maybe he will eat these.” He did, and was christened Mr. Noodles.

Mr. Noodles, they learned, has a malformed lower beak that makes it difficult for the bird to secure enough food to sustain itself. But it has learned it can depend on the Trombettas and has adopted and become quite comfortable with the household.

“We had a friend, an avid hunter, visiting and we were all sitting out on the deck. Suddenly, Mr. Noodles, surprising all of us but especially our friend, flew up onto the deck and joined us.

“I have a Maltese and a Yorkie that I walk, and Mr. Noodles is a part of the parade. And he will come and peck at the door when he wants food.”

Their dining room has long, low windows across part of the front of the house. There is a bit of irony in the fact that Mr. Noodles is highly likely to come to the dining room windows, which he can see into, and begin pecking at the windows for food while Bob is carving the Thanksgiving turkey. Mr. Noodles particularly likes the crispy skin.

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